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Canberra Pergolas: Stylish and Attractive Verandahs for You

Do you want a stylish and attractive verandah for your home? If so, Canberra Pergolas is the company to go with. We have been in business for years, and we’ve helped many people create their perfect outdoor living space. Our verandahs are made of high-quality pergola materials and crafts that will last for years to come.

What is a Verandah?

building verandahs in Canberra

A verandah is a patio or porch that is attached to the outside of a house. Verandas provide an excellent space for outdoor living and can be used year-round, regardless of whether it’s too hot or cold out.

If you want a customised verandah for your home, we will work with you from start to finish to ensure that it is made just the way you want.


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    “I read about the functionality of pergolas in a magazine. I reached out to Canberra Pergolas, and they did a great job. My vinyl pergola is a beautiful and valuable outdoor feature.”

    Types of Verandahs

    There are different types of verandahs, and each style will have its benefits.

    Curved Type

    A curved verandah is a good choice if you want to add outdoor living space for your family and friends. This verandah type will also give the house more curb appeal, as it curves around the house’s perimeter.

    Open Type

    An open verandah does not have any roof on it whatsoever, so that means there are openings throughout the ceiling that allow light in from all angles – this can be great if you like natural lighting or enjoy being outside during different seasons.

    Wrap Around Veranda

    A wrap around porch has an overhang that goes past where your wall starts at one end of it. These pergolas usually look best when they go across an entire side or front of the house.

    Flat Type

    A flat verandah is made up of one or two parallel beams that span the length and width of your house. These are often used to cover an area where you would put plants, add some shade in the summer months, or provide more informal seating for guests.

    Gable Type

    If you like the look of a gable roof, then this type might work well for your home. Gabled pergolas resemble traditional house roofs and do not have any beams that span across them.

    Sunroof Type

    If you want a natural roof pergola, this is your home type. This style will have beams crossing each other in an X pattern to provide shade from the sun and keep the rain out of your house.

    When choosing which veranda is suitable for you, some considerations are how much shade or sun exposure will be required and what materials you want to use (wood vs vinyl). From there, we can make recommendations based on those preferences so that each one matches perfectly with your needs. We also offer free consultations at our showroom in Canberra.

    The Benefits Of Having A Verandah On Your Property

    The pergola is an excellent addition to your property that has several benefits.

    Adds Value to Your Home

    A verandah can increase the value of your property.

    Adds Comfort

    Who doesn’t love to be outside and enjoy the fresh air? A veranda will give you a place that is comfortable for relaxing or entertaining.

    Keeps You Dry

    In rainy areas, it is essential to have shelter from rain showers. The verandah can provide you with protection while still allowing light inside.

    Adds Curb Appeal

    A veranda will add curb appeal and a welcoming feel that can last for years, even if it is not covered with plants or vines.

    Durable Construction

    A good quality verandah needs high-quality materials which are durable and long-lasting, so it won’t need replacing anytime soon. Our carport pergolas will last for years without any problems or maintenance required on the homeowner’s part.

    Adds privacy

    Privacy is something that everyone wants, and a verandah can provide you with this.

    Johansson H.

    “I am in awe of the job Canberra Specialists did on my property. The beautiful wood pergola allows me to host more people, and it’s great having fun outdoors. On hot days, I sit under the shade to relax.”

    Why Choose Us?

    We’re not your average company. Our company is customer-driven, and we know the importance of excellent service, reliability and quality pergola when it comes to constructing Verandahs that are perfect for your needs!

    Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help you with all of your needs.

    Our Verandahs are designed to last and can be customised in a variety of ways, so you’ll always find one that suits your style perfectly! We have the best products on the market which make our company stand out from others!

    creating verandahs for relaxation

    Create Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space with Our Help

    If you’re looking to add a little more space to your home, then a verandah is the perfect solution. Not only will they look great and give you an outdoor living space that’s all your own, but they can also add curb appeal and privacy for minimal investment (as well as being durable).

    We’re Canberra Pergolas, and we’ll help you design yours! With our expert team, you’ll be able to create the perfect outdoor living space that will reflect your style and personality.

    Our team considers the size of your yard, how much natural sunlight you’ll need and the types of plants that will thrive in your climate. We can design a verandah with a contemporary vibe or one that’s more country-style—whatever is best for you.

    Whether it’s to make an area outside look better than before, protect from sunburns and windchills on hot summer days, or serve as a place where friends and family can gather during celebrations, our team at Canberra Pergolas has just what you need!

    building verandahs as outside house area extention

    Our Verandahs are Made of High-Quality Materials

    Our goal is to have the best looking and most durable verandah on your block. That’s why we only use high-quality materials made for this purpose, such as steel that has been galvanised to be resistant to corrosion or cedar wood that will last a lifetime with minimal upkeep needed.

    We also invest in eco-friendly building methods, so our pergolas are not just beautiful but functional too! Whether you want solar panels installed or an extra deck built onto it, there is no need to create another structure when all of these features can be added without hassle!

    Our team understands how important reliability and quality is when constructing products like Verandahs. All of our projects are completed by expert builders trained in customising designs according to your needs.

    The skilled team at Canberra Pergolas will work with you to build the perfect Verandahs for your home, workplace or commercial property. We are committed to providing our customers with a product that is of excellent quality and pleasing aesthetics!


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