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Pergolas Hackett

At Pergolas Hackett, we strive to provide excellent Pergolas Services to our clients. Pergolas Hackett is a specialist in the industry, and we’ve got you covered with a unique outdoor design that is perfect for your property.

Our residential Pergolas Services are an amazing addition to any outdoor living space. We offer so much more than just shade, we provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing place to spend time in your backyard or poolside.

We can offer a service that meets or even exceeds your expectations. Here at Pergolas Hackett, we have extensive experience in the Pergolas industry, and all our staff are trained experts.

Our Hackett Pergolas Services

The Best Hackett Pergolas Services

Hackett Pergolas Services

Pergolas Hackett is the leading provider of high-quality Pergolas services in Canberra. We have a professional team that is experienced and have been in the Pergolas industry for a number of years, which means Pergolas Hackett can ensure that your company has a customer care representative who can help you resolve any issues you encounter.

At Pergolas Hackett, we understand that Pergolas projects can be complex and require expertise in Pergolas design. That’s why we take pride in overseeing Pergolas projects from beginning to end, ensuring that the service is personalised for your specific needs.


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    expert carport builders with pergola


    Nowadays, carports are not only built to keep your car safe from the elements, but Carport pergolas are also becoming popular in homes and businesses because they offer multiple benefits such as style and function. Pergolas Hackett offers the best Carport Pergolas services in Hackett, with quality guaranteed results to ensure that your business is left better than how it started.

    We know how important affordability is for you, which is why we offer the best price that suits your needs without ever compromising on quality. We are your local experts in Carports, and we will work with you to design the perfect carport for your needs.

    Also, our experts offer carport pergola designs that stand out from the others. And with our expertise, we have maintained that same Pergolas service quality from day one. Quality is as important to us as it is for you, and Pergolas Hackett ensures that only quality materials are used to develop your carport pergola.

    building verandahs as outside house area extention


    A verandah is a structure that provides you with protection from the sun or rain while still letting you enjoy your outdoor space. Pergolas Hackett offers Pergola designs suitable for verandahs, so Pergolas Hackett is perfect for all of your Verandah needs.

    Our goal is to have the best looking and most durable verandah designs, and we pride ourselves on finishing each Verandah job to the highest standards. Our Verandahs are designed to last and can be customised in various ways, so you’ll always find one that suits your taste. 

    We also invest in eco-friendly building methods, so our pergola designs are environmentally friendly. We’re Hackett Pergolas, and we’ll help you design yours with our professional team. 

    experienced professional with years of experience installing awnings


    Awnings are an essential part of any outdoor living space, providing shade for an outdoor lounge or dining setting without blocking any view. Our company offers a wide range of awnings to suit your tastes.

    To make sure the pergola you’re building is durable, our Hackett team take care to work with only high-quality materials. We use premium products like Colorbond steel and aluminium in combination with top of the line hardware.

    We can build a pergola customized to your preferences and needs; we provide both classic and contemporary designs. We can comfortably provide you with the best Hackett Pergolas services to suit your tastes, no matter how unique they may be.

    Our Hackett pergola design team have the expertise and resources to involve you in the design process. Get in touch with Hackett Pergolas, and we’ll get you started today.

    eaves design complimenting residential house design


    Hackett Pergolas can help you install and insulate your outdoor living space by providing Eaves. Eaves are the overhanging part of a roof that prevents the sun from hitting you when you are outdoors, potentially saving you money on electricity bills. 

    Our Eaves Services are custom built to fit your needs and easily added to an existing pergola. Eaves also provide support to your outdoor living structure, stabilising it in high wind conditions.

    Eaves are very beneficial additions to pergolas, providing stability in high wind conditions, support for the structure of the pergola, insulation from the sun when you need it most when you’re outdoors, and most importantly, they provide a level of protection from the elements.

    Our Eaves Services comes in a range of different colours and sizes to meet your unique needs. Eaves can also be customised, so you can get them done in your preferred colour or finish. Just let us know when you’re enquiring with Hackett Pergolas.

    patio with covered pergola having pink flowers


    At Hackett Pergolas, we love what we do, and our patio installation is genuinely something to behold. Elegant, realistic, functional, and stylish are only some of the many words to describe what we do best. 

    Our patios are built with expert precision by experienced professionals, ensuring you get a finished product that will look great in your backyard for years to come. We provide bespoke designs that meet every need and budget while maintaining our high-quality standards at Hackett Pergolas.

    There’s a lot more to a pergola installation than just building a structure at your home. Eaves play a significant part in adding a sense of style and prestige, while the right patio offers you an enjoyable outdoor living experience.

    Our experts in pergola building can transform any outdoor space into a beautiful living area that’s perfect for relaxing on cool days and warm nights with friends and family.

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