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Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Verandah to Your Home

Transform your home with a new verandah

If you are considering purchasing a verandah to add to your home, the possibilities of what it could become are endless. From extending living spaces to creating outdoor areas for entertaining, this structure can be one of the smartest investments you make in your home. But before diving into designing and building a verandah yourself (or having someone else do it), some key elements need to be considered when understanding how to make these kinds of additions. In this blog post, Verandah Experts Canberra will explore the necessary steps for quickly adding a beautiful, functional verandah to your property – so read on if you’re eager to learn more!


Understand the Basics of a Verandah – What it is and How it Enhances Your Home’s Value. 

A verandah is a covered outdoor space with open sides typically attached to a home’s main structure. It can be used for any number of activities, from entertaining guests to providing a safe place for children to play outside. Verandahs can also increase your home’s overall value, as they are considered an attractive feature and add more living space without using up valuable square footage inside.

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Best Materials to Use for Your Verandah – Pros and Cons of Wood, Metal, and Concrete

With a verandah, you can use different materials to build the structure; the most common ones are wood, metal, and concrete. Each option has pros and cons regarding sturdiness, durability, maintenance requirements, and cost. So it’s essential to understand which is best for your needs before committing to a material choice.

  • Wood is often considered the most aesthetically pleasing of materials for a verandah, as it provides an inviting and natural look that fits into any outdoor setting. It is also the most affordable choice, though it requires more maintenance than other materials – such as regular treatments to protect against warping and weathering.
  • Metal is typically considered the sturdiest material for a verandah, with excellent corrosion resistance and minimal maintenance requirements. However, it can be more expensive than wood and is not as stylish – so you may want to consider other materials if appearance is important.
  • Concrete is the most durable option for a verandah, as it is long-lasting and can withstand extreme temperature changes and weather conditions. It has low maintenance requirements, though it can be very costly, and its weight can put added pressure on your home’s foundation.

Layout & Design Tips – How to Maximize Usability and Aesthetics 

Considering layout is very important when designing a verandah, as it will determine the overall look and feel of the space. It would be best to consider how you plan to use the area – whether for entertaining or simply relaxing – and then decide on an appropriate design. For example, if you want to maximize seating areas, opt for a U-shaped structure with plenty of room for chairs and tables; if you’re after a more private space, choose an L-shaped design with walls or screens to section off the area.

It is also essential to think about aesthetics when designing your verandah. Consider how it will look from the street and how it fits in with the overall style of your home. Try to match the colours and materials of your verandah to those used in other parts of the house for a cohesive look.

How Much Does it Cost to Add a Verandah to Your Home? 

A verandah is an inexpensive way to expand your living space and add value to your home – but it is crucial to understand and budget for the costs involved. The total cost of construction will be determined by size, materials used, the complexity of design, and any additional features you may want included in your verandah (such as an outdoor kitchen or bar). To get a correct estimate, contact a professional like Canberra Pergolas.

Hiring a Professional vs Do-It-Yourself Installation – Benefits & Risks 

The difference between a professional installation and a do-it-yourself project can be significant – so it’s essential to consider the benefits and risks of each approach before beginning. If you opt for a DIY verandah, you have complete control over design, materials, and budget; however, you may face challenges such as a lack of expertise or access to quality materials. On the other hand, a professional installation can be more expensive but will ensure the job is completed correctly and safely.

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Why Choose Canberra Pergolas for Your Verandah Needs?

Verandahs are becoming an increasingly popular trend for homes in Australia, especially in Canberra. Versatile and valuable, verandahs add a new level of comfort to the home without breaking the bank or overcomplicating installation. As a homeowner, installing a verandah can be both economical and luxurious at the same time. For many reasons, whether it’s for relaxing with a cup of tea or hosting friends on weekends, verandahs are an excellent addition to any home. Call Canberra Pergolas today to get started on your journey towards making your home even more comfortable and enjoyable than ever before!